Time heals all wounds


I try my hardest not to turn my writing into something about myself though I seen this photo posted by a friend in Facebook and as much as I ran this post through my mind over and over again it was really hard not to make this post about myself personally.
I sadly know I am not the first person to go through and unfortunately won’t be the last either
Though the photo is right the saddest thing I have ever heard was

I’m sorry though your child us going to due and there is nothing we can do about it

I honestly don’t think that a doctor can put it nicely to anyone and it doesn’t matter how much preparation a medical professionals have it doesn’t make their job any easier. The hardest thing I have had to live with since is the fact that my child has died sadly it seems to be a family thing in my family of loosing children, my father, my nan and my great aunty have all lost children. I could never know the extent if their pain as my son was stillborn and their children where all alive for some part if their lives.

I have only just come to terms with it 7 years later that my son is dead and it doesn’t matter what I do or how much praying I do nothing and I mean nothing is going to bring him back

I could keep writing about this topic though my hormones are all over the place and this topic  is making me really sad. I really hope I havent offended anyone with this time heals all breaks and wounds


A pet thing


I so have to agree with this, and if any of you have pets then you will totally understand….. I have a begal x staffy and she looks at me like the above picture every time i have food. You would think the poor dog is starved. Though I have  never understood why pets have to act like this for

Drugs or life?

So yet again I find myself writing about drugs and the unfortunate hold it has on peoples lives 👹
Though it seems like people would rather feed their habits then get their lives in order….it’s pretty sad come to think of it that they have to ruin their lives on a herb or a man made object….
I swear if people spent not even half of the time or energy as they do in finding their next hit in getting a job or their lives sorted that possibly the world would be a better place ✌

Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti drugs though I have seen to many lives and family’s destroyed by the shit

How Do You Treat Others?


Does the picture above apply to you? Do you treat others how they treat you? I know that this picture applies to me, I am a very nice and caring person when you first meet me, though if you start treating me badly then unfortunately i do the same back its like the golden rule that we are taught as a child

Treat others how you would like to be treated

Im sorry to say though we need to be better educated on this as i have seen and witnessed numerous adults  the people that legally can vote, gamble, buy alcohol cigarettes and drive treat others poorly, its not rocket science. be nice to others and if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing nice at all, its not that bloody hard at all,

If you come to me with a bad attitude and a chip on your shoulder  of course i will treat you the same way as would anyone else in my position. If you do not show me the respect that i need then i will return the favor and treat you the same way

Toddler Moments 02

We all want that well behaved child that doesn’t run a muck does what he/she is told and listens well, I have found that reward charts work great and they are great incentives for children and encourage good behaivour

Reward charts, or star charts, are a powerful way of:

  • encouraging behaviour you want, such as cleaning teeth without fuss
  • discouraging behaviour you don’t want, such as hitting
  • rewarding your child for practising new skills, such as staying next to the trolley when shopping or putting all the toys in a box when asked.

Though lets be reasonable they don’t work all the time, they have worked for myself with 2 out of the 4 children that i have, though in saying that one isn’t quiet old enough yet to start using them for,

my 2 oldest children loved stickers and also being allowed to come to the shops with me to buy a small toy, so the charts worked great, if they filled the charts in they allowed to have stickers and a toy, if they didnt get enough on the chart i would then explain why their not allowed to come with me and buy a small toy, 9 times out of 10 it worked

Below is what i think would be an appropriate chart for a toddler


Though i am not saying that you HAVE to use this chart I’m sure you would be able to make one of your own or find one that best suits what you are after,

And like normal what i write here is just my opinion, every person is different and as we all know all children are different this might work for some then might not work for others, i do encourage you to find a outlet that will best work for yourself and your child as at the end of the day we all want our children to be well behaved and good 🙂

Open Mic

Liked the sound of this ✌

Del Nolan

Open mic image

They stare up with their naked faces and observe the long-haired, round-faced young woman, her hands shaking with nerves, shuffling through pages, squinting through the bright stage lights and sweating under their heat. The expressionless faces waiting to be encouraged this way or that, a frown, a smile, a gasp, a giggle, a tear; just one will do; it will make the multitude that the young woman has poured over her paragraphs seem a little less useless. All they want is content. Coherent content that they can soak up and process, through those brains, between those ears, behind those eyes; that glare up with so much focus; gazing through the young woman’s naked soul.

A pair of lungs get cleared and the sound echoes and rumbles through the room, deafening for the young woman, inaudible to the audience.

She lowers her focus to the pages that she shuffles through her…

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