It’s A Kid Thing


I seen this on Facebook tonight and I could help but to giggle.
This would have to be a typical toddler thing.  My youngest is only 14 months old and my oldest is 6 years old and with all 4 of them I spent the best part of my days cleaning up after them and picking up what seems to be every single toy in the world….
I honestly don’t know what runs through a childs mind its been a long time since I was a child (im just about 29 years old) though I would really love to know what makes them insist on playing with every single toy that they own.
I know I have lots of problems  with treading on blasted lego that stuff really bloody hurts. Though domonic at the moment has a real fascination with matchbox cars I seem to find them everywhere. In the recycling, the bathroom, in the cupboards and under the couch

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