Crystal Meth


Crystal Meth seems to be on the up rise more and more people are doing it and destroying their lives. 
I have never participated in using Crystal Meth  and I never tend to. I have seen it destroy to many people’s lives. 
I have witnessed the downward spiral people have been on because it has been in their lives
I know people who have used this for recreational uses and it doesn’t seem to suck them in.  Though I have also seen people use it and then been addicted and would do anything for it


The lengths ive seen or heard of people going to is phenomenal and ridiculous in my honest opinion the people who make this need to be locked up forever before they destroy any more lives

Please share your thoughts or opinions


One thought on “Crystal Meth

  1. That will not happen, being locked up, so i guess people just need educating more. I have the same thoughts with crack, some people have it take over where i use when i can afford it, crazy


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