How Do You Treat Others?


Does the picture above apply to you? Do you treat others how they treat you? I know that this picture applies to me, I am a very nice and caring person when you first meet me, though if you start treating me badly then unfortunately i do the same back its like the golden rule that we are taught as a child

Treat others how you would like to be treated

Im sorry to say though we need to be better educated on this as i have seen and witnessed numerous adults  the people that legally can vote, gamble, buy alcohol cigarettes and drive treat others poorly, its not rocket science. be nice to others and if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing nice at all, its not that bloody hard at all,

If you come to me with a bad attitude and a chip on your shoulder  of course i will treat you the same way as would anyone else in my position. If you do not show me the respect that i need then i will return the favor and treat you the same way


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