Toddler Moments 02

We all want that well behaved child that doesn’t run a muck does what he/she is told and listens well, I have found that reward charts work great and they are great incentives for children and encourage good behaivour

Reward charts, or star charts, are a powerful way of:

  • encouraging behaviour you want, such as cleaning teeth without fuss
  • discouraging behaviour you don’t want, such as hitting
  • rewarding your child for practising new skills, such as staying next to the trolley when shopping or putting all the toys in a box when asked.

Though lets be reasonable they don’t work all the time, they have worked for myself with 2 out of the 4 children that i have, though in saying that one isn’t quiet old enough yet to start using them for,

my 2 oldest children loved stickers and also being allowed to come to the shops with me to buy a small toy, so the charts worked great, if they filled the charts in they allowed to have stickers and a toy, if they didnt get enough on the chart i would then explain why their not allowed to come with me and buy a small toy, 9 times out of 10 it worked

Below is what i think would be an appropriate chart for a toddler


Though i am not saying that you HAVE to use this chart I’m sure you would be able to make one of your own or find one that best suits what you are after,

And like normal what i write here is just my opinion, every person is different and as we all know all children are different this might work for some then might not work for others, i do encourage you to find a outlet that will best work for yourself and your child as at the end of the day we all want our children to be well behaved and good 🙂


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