Eating Like Pigs


Nothing is more annoying or frustrating than hearing a grown person eating with their mouth open or hearing them shovel the food or drink into their mouth and hearing them chew every single mouthful I shit you not… I would rather sit next to a cow it’s down right disgusting, not to mention bad manners and bad form
I’m sure everyone has their own pet peeves though bloody hell my 14 month old has better table manners than some grown adults 👪🚶
I’m not perfect actually far from it though I’m sure if someone told me that a baboon had better food etiquette than me, I would change what I was doing wrong or repulsing the other person with… Though nope not in this house it’s like there is a sign on the front door  that states

As soon as you enter this house, please make sure that you manners are left Here before


It might not be that much of a big deal to anyone else though it pisses me off that much I get turned off my food and physically can not stomach anything else


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