I love the site if tattoos. I always have done, right from the moment I seen them in my dad up until today I think they look amazing well if it is done by a tattoo artist and not some dodgy back yard job
I have to admit I have seen some pretty awful tattoos in my life and thought what where you thinking when you got that done???? Please don’t tell me you were drunk????

Though for a while now I have been looking on Google for some ideas for my next one and below are some that just made me sit back and think wow!!


This one I think looks awesome though can’t help but say ouch at the same time


I love the colours in this one and for some reason I’m just captivated by it.


This one looks pretty though very gory at the same time also you can tell a lot of work has gone into it


The above statement goes for this one as well.


Lastly there is this one. There is so much detail in this one I just love it


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