Give an inch, Take a mile

Nobody is perfect I get that, every living person has their faults that includes me
Though why does it seem that as soon as you give anyone an inch they take a mile?? It doesn’t matter where or when, though everyone seems to take for granted a persons good nature, or they blatantly use you for their own gain? Is this hard wired into every persons brain? Is this caused from bad upbringing? Is it just peoples true form??
Some people do this with out even realizing and I’m even know for doing this.
What really annoys me is it when people do it time and time again to someone and they constantly let you down even when you think they have changed, and you decide to give them that inch again they run and run and run until they have enough to hang themselves with it. Though when you finally put your foot down, your the worse person in the world and their true colours show
I don’t know if its more sad or pathetic
What would you do if this happened to you time and time again? 


3 thoughts on “Give an inch, Take a mile

  1. Shhh, my sister (looks right then left, to see if shes reading) does this time and time again. She is a professional, she just got back into my families good graces again, after disappearing for years on drugs and what all, then she saw an opportunity to live for free yet again when I moved out, she does nothing but take, take, take, but the family thinks she’s so wonderful because she’s changing. Yeah right, I say, she has anterior motives, I am certain…

    I didn’t mean to turn that post about my life, haha. But, I am not sure how people do what your talking about? I have complete integrity, I have a conscience and feel literally ill if I were to even cause any pain due to being a loafer or steal (which I don’t) or whatever it may be. I think some have a conscience and for me the power of the Holy Spirit to keep me in line. IE, (I feel guilty if I were to take, take, take).


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