Keeping It To Yourself

So I see a phycologists once a week, and she helps me regulate my emotions and helps me keep them under control. Lately i have been learning how to not suppress them as all emotions are healthy to feel and to express
I have been trying to practice and put into motion what she has been teaching me, though holy crap it is hard. Nearly every person that I know knows I have an anger problem and I’m trying super hard to get it under control. So instead of stewing on it and just letting it unleash on someone when I finally can’t take it anymore i say what i need to say in my head. As she has said its quiet normal to feel what I feel at times
Though as i said I’m still learning and I’m trying my hardest not to stew on things though honestly its quiet hard and about half the time I will let it build it until I snap, then what comes out of my mouth isn’t nice at all. Or people tell me that wasn’t nice of you to say that though you wanna know what? You should hear half the crap I keep to myself that’s even worse. I would honestly love to tell people what I am thinking all the time, though in some situations that would just add fuel to the fire

Another thing that really doesnt help my anger is when people say something that’s really nasty just to be hurtful or spiteful knowing that it will really hurt you, then turn around after and say sorry then go and do it again and again and every time say sorry. If they are saying sorry nonstop and doing the same crap over and over again how much worth is that sorry going to have?????

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