Why do I honestly let this happen to me for???? Am I that gullible????

So yet again my world has come crashing to a Holt…. Yet again Jordan has left…. Things are apparently to hard again… So it seems like its just easier to get up and leave

What happened to people actually trying to make it work??? I’m honestly not strong enough to be taken for a ride time and time again

Like bloody hell what am I meant to do???? I’m bloody 8 weeks pregnant I have a 15 month old and I’m currently fighting for custody of 3 other children. Though you know what I will suck it up and deal with it… The thing that hurts me the most is Domonic… What am I meant to tell him when he gets older???? How is he going to feel??? His sperm donor wants nothing at all to do with him and the only person who he has ever known as a dad has just walked out….

Though like normal i will just fake a smile, act all happy and suck it up and deal with it… 

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