Long time no post

So I haven’t made a post for a while and have no idea where to begin……

Things have been pretty full on here with people coming and going. Jordan has started work worked a week, the job finished now just waiting for more work.

I enrolled into a diploma of counseling the course should take me 18 months to finish. I have to go into campus 1 day a week at least and the rest is online though I think I will go in more so I can smash it out. They gave me my 4 thick textbooks yesterday and they are mine to keep they are worth between $100-$400 each so I’m feeling quiet lucky over that. Plus I also take a huge interest in this course and should be able to apply it in the real world and when I am able to help others. They have also done a police check and applying for a blue card for me


This is our other surprise baby Richards who I due in January. So far no complication *touch wood*

And on a great note mediation is finally starting on Tuesday whoop whoop can now stop biting my tongue and start fighting my 3 other kids

Domonic is really good he is growing up so fast he has been going through a stage for the past couple of weeks of waking up crying between midnight at 3am and finally found out last night that’s because he has cut to of his first molars. He’s coming out with more and more words everyday and turning into his own very unique person

Well that’s about it for now I could go on and on though don’t have time for that

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