A women’s pain


Going through labor is tuff, regardless if you have a vaginal delivery or a c-section. you still have contractions and unless you have been in labor before trust me you don’t know pain until you have felt that.

Every women is different and every labor is different
For example the labor I had with Domonic was blissful compared to the labor I had with Lucy. I had an epidural with both, gas with both and pethadine/morphine with both. Though Lucy’s delivery hurt a hell of a lot more than Dominic’s.

Though its just amazing how much pain we can go through, and some of us we go back for more if we are lucky enough (I went back for more 6 times) though its true as soon as you see/hold your little baby the mind just forgets it… Until you get pregnant again lol then you remember all about it

Lucky enough I had my delivery (Lucy crowning through to delivery) video taped so if I ever feel like I want another one I will just watch that and instantly won’t want to have another lol.

Though regardless on how you deliver with pain meds, with out pain meds, hospital delivery, home birth, vaginal delivery , c-section… No one out ranks the other.. We all go through the same amount of pain, and the end goal is always the same to give birth to your beautiful bundle of joy


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