What’s happening

What’s happening in the world today? the world has changed massively you have so much violence on TV’s in the newspaper on the radio everywhere you look there is violence. what’s happening with the world do people not stop and think that we are ruining it?
it’s not safe to go anywhere now or the day of the night anywhere by yourself?

Schools everywhere seem to have bullying it doesn’t matter what school you go to whether it’s a public school or a private school there is bullying. Do people not understand the effects of bullying on the human race do they not understand how it affects someone emotionally mentally or even physically what causes someone to bully another person meaning what what does what does it achieve ?
What is it was school zones days I seem to have weapons or drugs same thing applies it doesn’t matter what school you go to there is a weapon weather it’s a knife gun someone’s maybe she live even a bear hands not to mention the drugs to go through schools I remember when I went to school we never had anything hardcore like meth or anything like that are we just had marijuana go to our school

Not to mention the effect of mother nature is taking on the world issue just playing some crude joke to say hey look you screwed up now I’m going to wipe you out the natural disaster they go through every where is phenomenal the earthquakes tsunamis tornadoes Hurricanes cyclones extreme drought. Like what is she trying to tell us? do we need to be more careful? and we need to look after our environment do we need to recycle more? do I need to stop polluting the world?


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