Look into my eyes


Look into my eyes what do you see?
What’s the first thought that pops into you head?
Don’t mind the big black bags under my eyes , that just shows that I’m tired, that just shows that I am a mum and I look after my children, that just shows the attempts that I do to keep a clean house, the times I put into the house work, playing with a 2 year old feeding a new born every 3 to 4 hours during the day
Don’t worry about the scragly looking hair, I do t have time to put it up in a nice hair style or to go to the hair dresser
Don’t mind the horrible looking face staring at you, I don’t have time each morning to slather make up on
Most of the time I have been wearing the same clothes for 2 to 3 days as I do t have the energy to go and get changed, I would rather spend that time trying to catch up on sleep so my body can rest

Look deep into my eyes and tell me what you can see


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