Week 1


On the go

People seem to think because I’m a stay at home mum with a 2 year old who goes to child care 4 days a week and a 7 month old who isn’t crawling yet that all I do is sit on my butt all day. So I decided to start counting the steps that I do in a day

Mind you I have a small 3 bedroom place and it takes less than 20 steps to walk from one end to another.though most days I don’t have my phone on me, I leave it outside. Though recently I decided to keep it on me at all times bellow is a screen shot of one of my normal days

Mind you this isn’t one of my most active days. Though for a really small house I think that this is quiet good. I’m normally on my feet most of the time. Though I find it hard to get the app to count all the steps  or it doesn’t pick up as many due to where my pocket is
I do have my lazy days where I hardly do anything. Though I am normally quiet active

When people just there and talk do you actually listen to the words that come out if their mouth of do you just let it flow straight through?
Some people can just go on and on and on mostly about random crap though still none the less they just dribble on. It so hard to sit and listen when it is the same things over and over and over
Some days I actually think “do you even think before you speak? Or are you just saying what ever comes into you head when it does” sometimes I just want to shake my head and say shut the f$#k up. Though yeah so back to the original question what do you do when people talk

Race, race, race…. What do you do when your head just won’t shut off… 
Think think think…… Over thinking every tiny little detail…..    
Stare stare stare….. Having a complete blank look on your face while your are trying to understand what is going on in your own mind
Twitch twitch twitch…     The constant moving as you can’t sit still

Its hard to believe in yourself when you are always being put second or third or forth etc……. Doesn’t matter what I do with anyone or thing I’m always second etc…. So why bother trying any more.

I only seem good enough when people can use me or something I have I don’t know when the last time someone actually spoke to me for me and not to use me or something I own….
I feel like just going into a feel dark hole. At least there I can’t be used or feel used….

Colours And Smells Of The Rainbow

I really hate using my blog to promote business or to get people to buy things. Though if you are interested in homemade items like candles or wax melts or even wax.molds please check out this page. Samples of wax melt shavings are being offered at the moment until there is enough stock to be placed up. There will be home.made tea light candles ranging up to candles in a mug, also different type of molds that smell or you can burn. And of course the basic brick type wax melt.

Postage is to all over the world as well