Cold Horrible Day

So i wish today would just make its mind up, one minute its nice and sunny the next it spitting then raining.
So nothing has been able to get done today no point doing the washing as it wont dry and lets face it, it will always be there tomorrow.
Im meant to give the dog a bath though its just to cold to do it to the poor girl.
So instead today i have been making more Soy Wax Melts to get ready for our market stall on the 14th. my house is full of all these smells, its quiet good cos now the house doesnt smell of dirty dog LOL.

As ive been sitting out side to have a smoke ive noticed the amount of stupid drivers that our street has. the way they race up and down is just stupid as there are a lot of young children that live in our street that really arent that smart and i guess when i say young that i mean year 5 or 6 possibly.. though because we also live on the corner of another street the dickhead just skreetch into the court Jordan was almost hit by a car last night as he was crossing the road


I really dont like the street that we live on, though there isnt to much i can do about it, its not like it was back when i was young you really cant let your kids play in the street any more…

our dog doesnt like anything on wheels she will bark and bark and bark and it really sucks, and the stupid kids up the street know this so what do they do?? go up and down past our house on rollerblades/skates or their bikes and stop out front of our place and egg the dog on or they will just go up and down all day long i really want to say somthing to them though i keep my mouth shut the kids seem like they are allowed to get away with anything…


any way thats it for now guess ill write more again soon


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