Peoples choices

As we all know people have choices to make the choices are regarding life work family anything you name it you have a choice you either have a good choice or a bad choice it all depends on I guess the choice that you made with how things react so with me at the moment I seriously feel like I am everyone’s second third fourth fifth ect choice.

I never feel like anyone ever comes to me first I always feel that I’m only ever useful if no one else is around or no whenever I can get things done I’m not sure why people do this or even why I feel like this but it’s heartbreaking in a way it makes me feel like I’m not worth people’s time or I’m only worth it if I got something to give I’m not sure really maybe it’s just my head maybe it’s the truth but yeah I just I really don’t have any any um I don’t even know how to finish that question or answer it or anything like that I’m just I’m stuck why can’t I ever be someone’s First Choice like why can’t anyone ever want to just have something to do with me first why do I always have to be the second third fourth fifth sixth you keep going choice


7 thoughts on “Peoples choices

  1. Wow. This was difficult to read. Is there a reason you don’t use punctuations? It’s very hard to know where your sentences begin and end, which leads to multiple ways of reading and interpreting things, or getting halfway through something only to realise it doesn’t make sense when read that way..


  2. That is a horrible feeling. I have been there before a time or two. Random coincidence, I have 5 kids too! Lol. Mine are all boys though. Anyway, I know you weren’t asking for advice and I am not sure where your religious beliefs lie, but a new book was released last week that I thought you might find helpful. It is called “Uninvited” by Lysa Turkerst. There is about to be a book club starting up for in in September so you could connect with other bloggers. Maybe gain some perspective or just make some new friends. Hang in there!


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