So much has happened

Oh wow where do I begin, so much has happened lately I really don’t know where to start…. Jordan and I are completely over no getting back together or anything….I have the protection orders in place so he can contact me or come anywhere near me though do you think that has stopped him???? I’ve had threats and even now he is stalking….

I really thought that it was the chick that went all crazy when u broke up with them… Not the dude… 

So I have already breached him for just rocking up here and being abusive…. I’m just waiting for the cops to call me to go in and have my phone downloaded so they can see all the text and calls etc so that will be the 5th breech plus stLki g on top of that

Though the house is so stress free I tell you… Domonic  is in a great mood no lo her moody like he was…. I’m a lot more calmer and a lot more stress free
Let just say life is great….


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