How much life changes

So I’ve been sitting here think about life and where my life was going and now where its going. And in the span of 3 years my life has changed that much I have changed that much I’m not the same person I was 3 years ago.
Going through and surfing domestic violence. Being suicidal to having nurmerouse attempts on my life. Overcoming mental health issues, beating addictions. And pulling myself up from.rock bottom
The sad thing is now when I look around no one is there. My family pretty much have nothing to do with me, yes I know they lo have a life and I dont hold that against them. Though how hard is it to text or inbox just to say hello?

All the people who I thought were my friends are the same I have maybe 5 if that that now keep in contact with me or see me 

I know that everyone has lives and that people fall apart 

Though in so sick of sitting here all the time feeling so alone! Or not feeling good enough for anyone 


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