People always say things happen for a reason. Do we always know what that reason is?

Is life meant to test us at every turning point? When does life get easier? What is the meaning of life?

I have these questions go through my head every single day. Most days well infact everyday i dont have an answer. I guess i just put it down to

Life is what you make it

My life has taken a massive turn. It used to be filled with DV, drugs, and mental health issues. Now its all changed

Im getting married in 15 days to a man i cant even put into words, he is loving, kind, has a big heart and the list could go on. I am carrying his daughter im 21 weeks today. And so far i havent had any complications touch wood

Im so used to everything being so shit innmy life, that i am always on edge waiting for the shoe to drop and to see what i am used to. Though you know what? Thats not going to happen. Blake is the complete opposite to any person i have ever been with. He isnt violant one bit, he doesnt treat me like shit, he doesnt expect me to wait on him hand and foot. He is truely a gentelman. His mum has done an amazing job.

I keep thinking he is going to run for the hills and decide that this life isnt for him. What i feel for him i have never felt for anyone ever before. Is this my kama finally? Is this finally my happy ending? Finally after everything i have been through am i truely allowed to be happy? I have honestly found my one and only


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