I want


Wouldn’t it feel great to feel loved. To be that something that is the hardest thing to do?
I want to feel like I’m the favorite thing is someone’s life, I want to feel like I’m the hardest thing to let go of,


Punctuation fails

I can’t help but to laugh reading some of these. Some of these are just to funny….. People really need to learn how to use


Its really not that hard to use them just check out some of the photos below



Both of these I laughed that hard, I almost peed myself

Time heals all wounds


I try my hardest not to turn my writing into something about myself though I seen this photo posted by a friend in Facebook and as much as I ran this post through my mind over and over again it was really hard not to make this post about myself personally.
I sadly know I am not the first person to go through and unfortunately won’t be the last either
Though the photo is right the saddest thing I have ever heard was

I’m sorry though your child us going to due and there is nothing we can do about it

I honestly don’t think that a doctor can put it nicely to anyone and it doesn’t matter how much preparation a medical professionals have it doesn’t make their job any easier. The hardest thing I have had to live with since is the fact that my child has died sadly it seems to be a family thing in my family of loosing children, my father, my nan and my great aunty have all lost children. I could never know the extent if their pain as my son was stillborn and their children where all alive for some part if their lives.

I have only just come to terms with it 7 years later that my son is dead and it doesn’t matter what I do or how much praying I do nothing and I mean nothing is going to bring him back

I could keep writing about this topic though my hormones are all over the place and this topic  is making me really sad. I really hope I havent offended anyone with this time heals all breaks and wounds

How Do You Treat Others?


Does the picture above apply to you? Do you treat others how they treat you? I know that this picture applies to me, I am a very nice and caring person when you first meet me, though if you start treating me badly then unfortunately i do the same back its like the golden rule that we are taught as a child

Treat others how you would like to be treated

Im sorry to say though we need to be better educated on this as i have seen and witnessed numerous adults  the people that legally can vote, gamble, buy alcohol cigarettes and drive treat others poorly, its not rocket science. be nice to others and if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing nice at all, its not that bloody hard at all,

If you come to me with a bad attitude and a chip on your shoulder  of course i will treat you the same way as would anyone else in my position. If you do not show me the respect that i need then i will return the favor and treat you the same way

You Will Not Tear Me Down


I am strong
I am tall
I have learnt
I have lived

I would not be the person i am today with out going through what I have been through. Life has thrown a lot of bullcrap at me and yes it has knocked me down, yes it has made me crumble in a crying mess, yes I have wanted to give up and throw in the towel and I have done numerous times even to the point I have tried to commit suicide though that was me at my lowest of lows and you know what? I am still here.
I have now come to terms with my life and where it is heading though I am me and I am happy with me.
No one can tear me down any more I am strong and no one and I mean NO ONE is going to bring me down

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Words Hurt


Words can really seem to hurt one another why can’t we all seem to think that bullies aren’t all around why is it that it doesn’t matter what we say it tends to have an input on how people are feeling
Do people think that or not know that words can actually hurt people it’s not the same as I don’t really know how to explain it but when you say something to someone it hurts and a simple sorry cannot take it away why is it that people don’t understand that words can hurt a lot more than physical action though and past experiences I would rather be here then call danny nasty names a simple sorry never takes it away once they were they said it cannot be undone and if you said or cold bad things constantly you tend to think like that people really need to understand that words can hurt more it can break a heart just like that it doesn’t matter what is said it would have you do say if it is hurtful it stays wants a heart is broken it’s broken it takes a lot of effort and a lot of work to mend and sometimes it doesn’t even happen like that look at the people who have committed suicide over bullying bullying really needs to stop school should really take this into consideration with people I don’t know if I even white beliefs are like they are I know I was bully at high school and that was because I was bullied at primary school and other home life but I really don’t want to go into but you know what I really I don’t know how to explain it I guess bottom line is be careful what you say to another respect 1 another he really don’t like someone that’s a nice way of telling and you just need to think about what you were doing and what you were saying
Have you ever heard of saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me you know what that saying is completely wrong name calling is pathetic I don’t really understand why people do it for

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